Mobile and other clients

Let's look at available Websocket clients for Centrifugo.

Native Android client library

Android client contributed by Semyon Danilov.

There is example in repo which can help to start.

Native iOS client library

iOS client contributed by Herman Saprykin.

There is example in repo which can help to start.

iOS and Android client library using Gomobile project

As iOS and Android clients supported by community members they unfortunately lack some features. Your help is really appreciated to make native mobile clients better.

As option we have full-featured centrifuge-mobile client for mobile platforms built on top of gomobile project.

Gomobile is experimental technology so this library considered experimental too. See it's readme for more information.

Go client

Go client library located on Github.

There are some examples in repo which can help you to start. Note that you can also use centrifuge-mobile from Go code.`

Java Client

Java Client contributed by Donald Jackson.

There are some examples in the README. It is a fork of the Android client written by Semyon Danilov.

Python Asyncio client

Centrifuge-python client is a work in progress - there was no PYPI release yet. But it already works pretty well with Centrifugo.

Perl client

Benoît Chauvet created a repo with a Perl client on top of Anyevent - it's a work in progress at moment but still can be very useful.