Exclude message processing by sender.

In some situations you may want to prevent the client that published a message from processing it after receiving from channel. The solution for doing this is described here.

new in 0.2.0

Publish command includes optional client field. Include client ID (to get client connection ID call centrifuge.getClientId() in javascript client) in publish API request and client will be added on top level of published message. You can compare current client ID in javascript with client ID in received message and if both values equal then in some situations you will wish to drop this message as it was published by this client and probably already processed (via optimistic optimization or after successful AJAX call to web application backend initiated this message).

I.e. something like this:

var subscription = centrifuge.subscribe(channel, function(message) {
    if (message.client === centrifuge.getClientId()) {
    // if clients not equal – process message as usual

To include client into publish API request you should provide it for your backend in AJAX data when client creates an event in your application.