Redis Sentinel for high availability.

New in 1.4.2

Centrifugo supports official way to add high availability to Redis - Redis Sentinel.

For this you only need to utilize 2 Redis Engine options: redis_master_name and redis_sentinels.

redis_master_name - is a name of master your Sentinels monitor.

redis_sentinels - comma-separated addresses of Sentinel servers. At least one known server required.

So you can start Centrifugo which will use Sentinels to discover redis master instance like this:

centrifugo --config=config.json --engine=redis --redis_master_name=mymaster --redis_sentinels=":26379"

Sentinel configuration files can look like this:

port 26379
sentinel monitor mymaster 6379 2
sentinel down-after-milliseconds mymaster 10000
sentinel failover-timeout mymaster 60000

You can find how to properly setup Sentinels in official documentation.

Note that when your redis master instance down there will be small downtime interval until Sentinels discover a problem and come to quorum decision about new master. The length of this period depends on Sentinel configuration.