Server API libraries

As you could see in Centrifugal overview there are several officially supported libraries for communicating with server API at moment.

If you have not found a library for your favorite language – you can go completely without it. You have an option to publish via Redis Engine or just implement calls to HTTP API yourself - see server API description.

Also note that Cent contains everything you need to communicate with server API - so if you have questions - just look at its source code as reference - as it is written in Python it's very easy to read and understand. And there are few lines of code actually.


Python HTTP API client located on Github.

It can also be used as command-line tool to send various commands to Centrifugo.


We have two actual API clients for PHP.

The first one is HTTP API client created by Dmitriy Soldatenko. You can find it on Github. It's simple to use - just follow its README and enjoy communicating with Centrifugo HTTP API.

Another API client developed by Oleh Ozimok - php-centrifugo. It allows to work with Redis Engine API queue. See more detailed description in library README.


Ruby client located on Github.

It's very simple to use - just follow its README and enjoy communicating with API.


NodeJS client located on Github.

Basic example:

Client = require("jscent");

var c = new Client({url: "http://localhost:8000", secret: "secret"});

c.publish("$public:chat", {"input": "test"}, function(err, resp){console.log(err, resp)});


Go HTTP API client located on Github.


There is third party libraries originally built for Centrifuge - predecessor of Centrifugo. They are not updated to work with Centrifugo, but can be used as starting point for your communication code.

To work with Centrifugo client above must use sha256 HMAC algorithm instead of md5 and do not use project ID (project ID does not exist anymore).